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Spiritual Retreat

Spiritual Retreat - Private Retreat

Looking for a retreat? We specialize in personal spiritual retreats - private retreats  for women. We help women cope with life changes; such as self esteem issues, career, divorce, or death of loved ones. Come enjoy a retreat here!

850-836-6225     CST - time zone

Our retreat's primary goal is to help women increase self-esteem, confidence and self awareness. Retreats for Women utilizing a combination of Personal Life Coaching and Hypnosis to give you a new perspective on life. A retreat reaching out to women, a retreat helping women! Our retreats are a one-on-one retreat and very individualized.

Or  just come enjoy a quiet retreat to renew-refresh yourself. Quaint country style home, take a nap, read a book. Just enjoy some time off in a safe location. Enjoy some massage time and a little tender loving care! Read our Referrals

At this retreat learn about your Masculine-Feminine self, how to identify the passive & assertive behaviors associated with your male - female self.  Become more of the person you want to become utilizing these concepts. Find a better healthier emotional balance, eliminate the highs and lows, eliminate crisis orientation. Become more balanced emotionally! A retreat to help define your desires, directions and choices.

   Guided Meditations - for stress relief and relaxation.

   Resolve conflicts  conflict resolution in relationships. 

   Release old energy: patterns, habits, fears, or limitations

   Increase your self-esteem, self image and confidence.

   Come learn to quiet your mind,  come learn to meditate.


Retreat is held in a quiet country environment similar to a Bed & Breakfast. Quaint 125 year old Florida cracker home with loads of birds year round, hummers and butterflies in summer. Our private retreats are held in Ponce de Leon, Florida.  North Florida Panhandle. First come relax in the outdoor hot tub and then pamper yourself with a great massage.  Plus we'll take a quick trip down to the beach just an hour away for lunch & beach sun & fun! The beach is a great place to have that one-on-one girl's chat!

Ra'mona Marie is your retreat coordinator - host. Both a Personal Life Coach and Advanced Certified Hypnotist. Also a natural Psychic Intuitive since childhood. She has over 30 years business experience with another small business. A small sewing business. Linked if you want to read more about her. At age 50 Ra'mona followed her heart and began hosting retreats for women. Coaching women toward positive choices & changes in life's journey!

Other possible topics covered:

  Empowerment - Self Esteem-Image issues  

  Incest - Rape Recovery & Trust issues   -  Life Coaching

  Hypnosis - present life/current circumstancs - past life/past life regressions

  Hypnosis - Weight Control - Stop Smoking - Pain Management

  Hypnosis - Health & Wellness issues

  Hypnosis - Disease/Immune System/Cancer/White Blood Cells Management


Private Bedroom  -  Private Bath

Direct TV,    Massage,    Hot Tub

Book your retreat any time of year.

Beach we visit on retreats at right.