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Our Referrals

  7-Day Retreat   I had only planned on staying for a three day retreat and ended up spending eleven days at Happy House. I feel at home anywhere with Ra'mona, my first retreat was in Eureka Springs and Happy House is way better! Ramona has helped me make the transition from married life to living alone. JoAnn

Ra'mona has cheered me toward new spiritual growth. The kitties are so lovable and affectionate. It made me sad; leaving to go back home, only to be alone. My homework assignment this time from Ra'mona was to go home and become my own best friend, to learn better how to appreciate myself and value my own presence. I plan on returning to Happy House for yet another retreat from Houston traffic! Just the sound of the name Happy House has such a nice pleasant ring to it. To experience it is even nicer! Thanks so much for sharing a slice of your life with me.    JoAnn

  3-Day Retreat   Happy House has been great! I have been empowered to grow and continue on my spiritual journey, and I have made new wonderful friends. For these things I am ever grateful. I am certain that all who grace the door of Happy House will be blessed and touched in a special way just as I have been. Love abides here. Jesus said love one another as I have loved you. Thanks for sharing your home and love with me.    Mindy

  7-Day Retreat   Being the first retreat guest to cross the threshold of Happy House was a wonderful experience. I met very unique, intelligent, caring individuals,  I felt very welcome in their home and was greeted and befriended by Mama kitty and Phoebe,  two sweet kitties. As well met two very friendly local carpenters working hard on getting Happy House in tip-top shape.

This new location is in a one hundred year old house on an acre of land, nestled among old trees, shrubs and flowers. They relocated from Arkansas to a very rural setting in northern Florida. I chose to have hypnosis sessions with Ra'mona and afterwards found it very peaceful to rest on a lounger in their beautiful backyard, listening to the sounds of birds and wind chimes overhead. My package included three massage sessions with a very capable and skilled masseuse, what a treat!

On several days we sojourned to the beaches of Seaside (the town made famous from the movie The Truman Story) and to Destin. There are many beaches within an hour's drive of Ponce de Leon, as well as, shopping of all sorts in any of the beach towns along the coast.  We had an absolutely wonderful meal at one of many great restaurants there as well.

We had a picnic at a state park which had a beautiful natural spring right in Ponce de Leon.

Although they had only been in the house for two weeks and were still living out of boxes and were remodeling the only existing bathroom I was welcomed with open arms. I didn't care about the boxes everywhere and the mess in the bathroom. I just insisted I really needed to getaway that week and I had wanted to do their retreat! They graciously accepted my persistent insistence.

I can't wait to see the new enclosed back porch/hot tub. They are adding on two new bathrooms to the house. I look forward to returning to Happy House in a month's time with my daughter in tow. And maybe in a few months with my husband for a couple's retreat. My retreat was very restful, insightful and therapeutic in nature. I am reaping the benefits already!

As Ra'mona had said Magic  Happens .... Allow for the Possibility!                          Thank you for a great time!     Sincerely,  Roxann


 Notation:   Roxann did come back two weeks later with her 19 year old daughter for a 5-Day Mother-Daughter Retreat


  7-Day Retreat   Eureka Springs,AR 1999 I sit down frequently to write a referral about my retreat and I can't ever seem to complete it because there is no end to it. Everyday presents me with new opportunities for me to make new decisions about my life, my reality.

I realized my ability to actively choose or use my voice during sessions with Ra'mona.

Whether out in a paddle boat, in the hot tub, or standing on a cliff over Beaver lake doing a tarzan yell, I learned of my personal power and how to use it. Something all women are entitled to and are only a decision away from holding.   Ramona   


  7-Day Retreat   The first day of my retreat  felt as though I was staying at my second home. I opened my heart up to you, and you listened. What a relief! It helps to know that someone really cares about me. I must go home now, but I know you are only a phone call away. Thank you!   JoAnn


3-Day Retreat   My experiences in your home were magic! They helped me step past the traditional solutions to problems that had me just plain nuts. My retreat to Eureka Springs is something to look back to as inspiration, and to look forward to it in the future as a time of rejuvenation of heart and spirit! I'll be back in February!  Susan 


  Coaching Phone Sessions   Ra'mona your incredible insight has helped me realize my mother's impact on my life. How her distant behavior toward me has affected my ability to connect with other people. Thank you so much for allowing me to understand myself alittle better! And to understand my relationship with my mother from a different light.  Karen


  Group Hypnosis/Weight Loss   I want to thank you again for everything including your words of encouragement. I'm learning to use your technique to relax and it certainly does help. I'm writing this to anyone who sees your website and is curious but hesitant, because I am so grateful that I happened across it and the special group hypnosis sessions you were hosting for weight loss.

I have gotten great results! I know the actual work and desire has to come from within me, but the hypnosis has been that little extra click that has enabled me to accomplish what I have attempted for so long with so little success. I have struggled  with food issues most of my life and even though I am healthy and in better physical shape now than I was 15 years ago, I still need to lose a considerable amount of excess fat.

I could feel the suggestions working immediately. I am so incredibly relaxed and at the same time have so much more energy! I even notice it in the way I walk and move, it's hard to describe. And cottage cheese and peaches just sounds so much better for lunch than a sandwich, chips and cookies! I forgot to eat one day until suppertime and I really wasn't hungry even then, but ate because I knew I needed to! I have eaten a couple times when I wasn't hungry (old habit)  but ate smaller amounts of healthier foods....most of the time when I think about eating I decide I'm really not that hungry so I wait.

My husband was very impressed with my energy levels. He keeps saying I don't know what has gotten into you! Actually we were both happier about my new energy level than the food thing...although losing the extra weight is important too! Really feels great!     Kay


  Private Hypnosis Session - Stop Smoking    I am writing to thank you for changing my life or at least helping me to. Last November you spent two hours with me in a hypnosis session to help me quit smoking. I have not smoked since! Nor do I ever intend to! I am amazed!

In the first hour we talked about my desire to quit this unhealthy habit, the problems it was causing me with my health, my breathing and so forth. The second hour I relaxed as your gentle voice influenced my subconscious mind with hypnotic suggestions. It worked and I am forever grateful to you for your help. I know I couldn't have done it without your caring and loving support and assistance.

3 years later--I thought you might like to know I remain a nonsmoker and haven't felt this good since I was a teenager.    Gary - Eureka Springs, Arkansas


  Notation:    Following referrals from Bed & Breakfast in prior days of my retreats.

  We had a wonderful New Years Eve! Stayed in the bedroom with a canopy bed, the bed was fit for a queen. Hope we get to return at some point! 

  It's one thing to be able to leave home and see wonderful things and places, but to be able to make new friends makes the trip very special!  

  As in the norm, we had a marvelous time here! You are great hosts! The music was fun, the homemade blueberry pancakes a delight!   

  This has been indeed a special place for special times. The gentle hospitality has made us so comfortable. Good memories will always include our time spent here.

  What a pleasure this trip has been! Beautiful accommodations, gracious hosts, great music, and fine cuisine. Looking forward to seeing you again, and of course listening to the bullfrog in your fish pool!  

  We heard the bullfrog too! Funny, he is at home here as we are! He moved into their fish pool 3 years ago and is still here. We also enjoyed the hummingbirds and the warm hospitality.  

Thank you for reading our referrals from days past!...  but not forgotten...

Ra'mona Marie


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