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Life Coach - Inner Retreat Host

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Ra'mona Marie

Ra'mona Marie is a Life Coach and Advanced Certified Hypnotist. She has also been gifted as a natural Psychic Intuitive since childhood. She is a successful business women in many respects, having owned and operated other business for years as well as hosting wellness retreats for women.

Her goal with working with women is to assist empowerment of their spirits. Not one of us does not occasionally become confused by life's array of events. Her desire is to help lend a sense of objectivity and clarity to stress/and or events in your life. To help facilitate wellness and healing in the body, mind and spirit.

There were many times in her younger years she experienced traumatic events, resulting in confusion and self image problems. She understands the resulting long lasting turmoil these events in life can cause us from her own journey. She set her sights higher than trauma, victim mentality and recovered. Taking life in stride with pride!

 It was these past memories that have moved her spirit to reach out to other women. She can still remember the confusion & frustration of running into block walls so to speak. Been there, done that!  Now what!  Move on to better satisfaction in life and living.


Choosing to get Certified in Hypnosis to assist women in a journey toward happiness and satisfaction from life. Reaching out to help empower the inner voice of other women. To help expand their view of who they are as women. To help women clarify their thoughts and dreams. To help empower their hearts to achieve their dreams and goals.

Some possible topics covered:

  Empowerment - Self Esteem issues  

  Career - Direction - Cofidence

  Conflict Resolution/Relationships

  Incest - Rape Recovery

  Loss - Death/Divorce

  Fears, Habits, Emotional Blocks

  Motivational Speaking

At the request of several women & Clients. Ra'mona now offers sessions over the phone. Life Coaching skills, plus her natural intuitive and psychic ability to help clients  search for solutions to frustrations.

Sessions available for local people too.

Several of her retreat clients asked her to offer these sessions. Read her referrals

You can call her and set an appointment. 850-836-6225