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A Inner Spirit Retreat  for Women

Need to relax - renew - regroup? 

Need to make new emotional changes?

Come enjoy a retreat to rest & renew your spirit and rejuvenate your body.

Come clear your body, mind and spirit!

 We offer inner spiritual retreats.  Our inner retreat experience helps make you feel .rested and refreshed. To be ready and focused on what's next in your life.

Sometimes we need a little time, pampering, love, touch and attention for ourselves. Sometimes we need to take time to reflect on ourself and/or take a inner vision quest.

Hot-tub for leisurely soaks. Great jets offer hydrotherapy, soothing sore tired muscles. Then choose from, massage, body wraps, facials, a manicure or pedicure. Add a guided meditation session to relax your mind. Also offering hypnosis sessions to help achieve new career goals, new directions, new paths in life.

Our inner retreat or spiritual retreat focus primarily on nurturing the spirit within us. Including soul-searching, self growth and empowerment of women.

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  Our inner spirit retreat acknowledges both the physical and mental sides of your personality. First addressing the bodies tension with massage. Then addressing deeper spiritual or mental aspects of life  with Life Coaching & Hypnosis

Inner spirit retreat - a spiritual retreat to help you objectively sort out - clear out negatives in your life. Get more in touch with your inner spirit, find your inner voice or inner child!

A  retreat is a great gift! Give yourself a nice gift of relaxation, renewal and rest!


  Safe, supportive environment for women to contemplate or make lifechanges.

Our retreats helping women cope with stress. Or life changes such as self-esteem issues, career, loss such as divorce or death of loved ones. Using a combination of Personal Life Coaching, Hypnosis and Creative Visualization to help women with current issues in their life. Helping to create happiness and satisfaction in lives of women. Helping to release old patterns, fears, and trauma from the past.

A retreat to help you clarify your choices,  desired direction & needed changes.

Take time to play, rest & recharge!  Enjoy a inner retreat - spiritual retreat!


  Do something nice for the women in your life. A retreat package makes a great gift for your wife, daughter, sister or mother!

Nice gift, best gift or great Birthday gift. A nice anniversary present, Christmas present or Valentine's Day gift! A gift to nuture the women you love!

We will be happy to send the lady of your choice a gift certificate!        

Our retreats are free of prejudice toward race or alternative lifestyles.  We truly are one race called humanity and are diverse as the stars above us!  All are Welcome!

**We are not a religious retreat facility.   Links on the CyberLinks page to facilities**

Updated Jan 2014